The Kinder Garden : The KG has two level, the LKG and the UKG. The kinder garden provides activities that allow each child to grow mentally, socially, physically and emotionally through ‘active-learning’.

The primary Section (Class I - V): The subjects offered are : English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Music and Art Education.

The Middle Section (Class VI - VIII) : The subjects offered are : English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Computer Science/Work Education, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Music, Art, Craft and Karate.

The Secondary Section (Class IX - X) : The subjects offered are : English, Arabic/Hindi/Malayalam, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Computer Science, Work Education, Physical and Health Education, Music, Art, Craft and Karate.

Seat Reserved : A few seats are reserved for intelligent students who are destitute and orphans. They will be selected by the management on the basis of certain criteria.

Uniform : The school uniform encourages discipline and promotes a sense of belonging among pupils. Wearing the uniform is a sign of identification with the school community.

Fees : Fee will be levied as per the fee structure at the time of admission. Fee for the years can be paid either in lump sum in advance or in 3 installments. Parents should remit the fee in time. The defaulters, after the last date of payment, will be removed from the roll without further notice. If the student wants re-admission, the balance of fee should be remitted along with re-admission fee.

Visiting Hours :
Parents/guardians can meet the teachers and principal during visiting hours.
Teacher: During lunch time. (12.15 PM – 1.15 PM)
Principal: 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Visitors/Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to see their children or teachers without permission of principal/vice principal.

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